HMPA makes it demonstrably clear that you are fulfilling your safety obligations.

HMPA advises and guides companies in the field of safety relating to machinery, products and working conditions.

A safe, healthy working environment produces motivated and healthy employees; employees who work safely and healthily, are less frequently ill or unfit for work, are more motivated and generally perform better. This means that employers can avoid excessive sickness costs, replacement costs and insurance premiums. Moreover, having a positive, safe working climate benefits the company’s image. This is one aspect.

On the other aspect many trades people are finding that their professional activities are increasingly subject to legislation. Given the multiplicity of laws and the obligations arising from them, it is not always clear what one is allowed or obliged to do.
HMPA has the knowledge and experience to give you practical assistance in fulfilling your safety obligations, especially in respect of “‘CE marking'”.



  • Your products meet the applicable directives
  • No chance of fine or prosecution
  • The costs do not outweigh a fine
  • Demonstrably safe products
  • Clear reporting
  • Practical solutions
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